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House Could Vote To Repeal The Death Panel This Week

The House has a one-time chance this week to abolish one of ObamaCare’s most dangerous creations: The Independent Payment Advisory Board—what some call the “death panel.” The 2010 health overhaul law would give this unelected, unaccountable board sweeping, unchecked powers to slash Medicare spending. The rationing board has not yet been formed, and Congress can […]

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More and better information can enhance patient care

With Congress intensely focused on big decisions involving health reform legislation, it’s easy to miss other initiatives that are quietly moving through Congress which could make a major contribution to achieving the goals of health reform One example is a measure offered by Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) that would open the lines of communication between […]

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New Taxes Won’t Lower Drug Prices

Prescription drug prices continue to be a hot political issue, with the Trump administration preparing to release an action plan as soon as repeal and replace legislation clears Congress. Mick Mulvaney, who heads the White House budget office and is participating in the talks, floated an idea last week that should quickly be crossed off […]

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