Some ObamaCare Relief for Consumers In ‘Taxibus’ Legislation

Some of my colleagues are blasting the Republican leadership for delaying three of ObamaCare’s taxes as part of the $1.14 trillion end-of-the-year tax extender and spending package scheduled for a House vote on Friday.

The legislation provides a two-year delay in the “Cadillac” tax on high-cost health insurance policies that labor unions were pleading to repeal; a two-year delay in the medical device tax that is drying up research budgets in this critical industry; and a one-year delay in the Health Insurance Tax (HIT).

In the deal, Republicans won continuation of the prohibition on taxpayer dollars being spent to bail out insurance companies that lost money on their exchange business.

Despite some opposition in both parties, passage of the package is likely, and the leadership has been working with the White House to gain President Obama’s cooperation and signature on the final bill.

The legislation deserves support.  Delay is not repeal, but it is important to show consumers that conservatives are working to give them whatever relief they can get the president to sign.

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