Scott Atlas: The Supreme Court’s Obamacare Calamity Calls For New, Truthful Leadership

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that the Affordability Care Act meets the test of constitutionality in its most significant aspect, the individual mandate, the urgency for new, truthful leadership is obvious. The law intends to transform health care toward a European-style system by shifting nearly 20 million more people into a financially unsustainable and scandalously inadequate government Medicaid insurance program; by dictating required insurance benefits and price of coverage that will cause millions to lose their insurance; and by imposing massive taxes on all Americans and penalties on private sector employers, entrepreneurs, and investors that will cost jobs and threaten innovation. At this moment, the path forward to health care excellence must be articulated in the clearest and strongest of terms, because it is now critical that the American people understand the clear choice at hand and the consequences of inaction.

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