Whipsawed by ObamaCare

by Grace-Marie Turner.

It is astonishing that the administration thinks delaying the reporting requirements and fines for the employer mandate will provide relief.  Apart from the fact that administration officials do not have the legal authority to change the statue requiring the mandate to begin in January of 2014, do they really think that employers will suddenly start hiring people for a year, only to have to lay them off next year? 

Employers are going to continue to restructure their businesses to avoid pulling the 50-employee trigger.  And it isn’t the reporting requirements that are the primary concern of employers – it’s the cost of the ObamaCare health insurance and fines!

This is further evidence the administration just doesn’t understand the fundamental reasons for the devastating damage this health law is doing to the economy. 

One of the things that businesses need most in planning for the future is predictability.  Giving employers a year is not a reprieve, but yet another monkey wrench that throws confusion into their business planning.