Hot off the presses: 21-page ObamaCare application

The Obama administration has released a draft of the 21-page application form which people will have to fill out if they want to get subsidized health insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges.

It looks like they went to the IRS for help in making the form “simple” and “user friendly.”   The state of California believes it will need 20,000 people just to help residents enroll in the insurance.  And this form is only one small part of the enormous and unfinished work of getting the exchanges launched.

The complexity of the form will be daunting, but the price tag for the health insurance in the exchanges will certainly deter participation.

So what if the government spent $1 trillion on new health insurance and almost no one applied?

  • Here’s a link to the draft application form for subsidies to get health insurance under ObamaCare.
  • And here’s a link to the Kaiser Health News article with videos of the online version.   Your eyes will glaze over after watching this nearly-20 minute video.