Three more states approve ballot initiatives to block health care mandate

The voters have been trying to get the attention of political leaders for more than three years, saying in as many ways as they can that they oppose ObamaCare’s government control over our health sector. And the singularly most unpopular part of the new health law is the individual mandate.

The voters of Alabama, Wyoming, and Montana voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to block the mandate in their states. They join Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, and Arizona, which earlier have passed similar protections. While federal law usurps state law, these states are very likely to put up a bigger fight against ObamaCare implantation.

The voters of Florida, which led the 26-state lawsuit against ObamaCare, narrowly defeated the ballot initiative to block the federal mandate requiring most citizens to purchase expensive, government-proscribed health insurance.

Politico has a map to track the tallies of these and other ballot initiatives, state by state.