Small businesses sees ObamaCare as a minefield

And editorial in The Oklahoman concisely describes the risk and threats to small businesses from ObamaCare.

The bottom line:

For Oklahoma workers, Obamacare is a minefield. Work at too small a business, you might get taxed. Work for a firm with more than 50 employees, you might get fired and then taxed. Work for a large firm with “insufficient” coverage, you might get dumped into your state’s Medicaid program or health exchange. Unless your state doesn’t expand Medicaid or set up an exchange, in which case you just get dumped and then taxed (there’s that T-word again).

Oklahomans will be paying for all this “free” health care one way or another through lost coverage, lost wages and lost job opportunities.

The editors have done their homework to explain the terrible predicament that this highly-flawed legislation presents for business owners and citizens.  “Oklahomans who have insurance today could lose it tomorrow thanks to Obamacare with no easy way to regain it,” they write.

“ObamaCare’s perverse incentives promise tough times for Oklahoma workers and state economic growth,” the editorial says. The risks they describe to businesses in the state can, of course, be extrapolated to the nation as a whole, and all this is coming, starting in 2014 if the health law is implemented as it is currently on the books.