How ObamaCare Hurts Seniors

    • Medicare is careening toward bankruptcy
    • More than 10,000 Baby Boomers retire into Medicare every day
    • ObamaCare’s solution? Cut half a trillion dollars from Medicare and use the money to create a massive new entitlement program for younger Americans.


    • Cuts payments to doctors and hospitals so deeply that, by the end of the decade, Medicare will pay less than Medicaid.
      • On this track, 40 percent of Medicare providers will either go bankrupt or stop seeing Medicare patients entirely.
      • Seniors will find it just as difficult to find a doctor to see them as Medicaid patients do today.
      • Long waiting lines and denial of care are inevitable.
    • Puts 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of decisions to cut Medicare spending.
      • The Independent Payment Advisory Board or IPAB will inevitably make decisions that deny care to seniors.
      • IPAB decisions to cut billions of dollars from Medicare spending will be very difficult for Congress to override, and their decisions can’t be challenged in the courts, putting seniors at the mercy of unelected bureaucrats whose job it will be to ration care.

✔ A BETTER IDEA:  Seniors deserve choice. Medicare Advantage and Part D are proven platforms for modernizing the program to save costs and provide seniors with better coverage.  These programs, in which private plans compete to offer the best benefits and the best value, are very popular with seniors.