Avik Roy: Are House Republicans Caving in on Repealing Obamacare? Doubtful.

Politico is reporting that House Republicans are preparing for the possibility that the Supreme Court upholds the law by drafting new legislation. “When the court rules, we’ll be ready,” House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) told the House Republican Conference on Wednesday. But what’s surprising about alleged GOP plans is that they involve preserving significant—and damaging—aspects of the Affordable Care Act, for what appear to be political reasons. I’m not convinced that the story is accurate.

The House GOP plan, write Jake Sherman and Jennifer Haberkorn, “seeks to shelter [Republicans] from criticism from the left that they’re leaving uninsured Americans out to dry. Aides caution the plans could still be changed—but this outline, confirmed by several sources with direct knowledge of the planning, represents the broad sketch of what’s likely to come this summer.”

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