Initiative would provide welcome help for the uninsured to obtain health coverage

The Galen Institute welcomes the initiative that Senator Jeffords has undertaken to assist uninsured Americans obtain health coverage.

The tax system currently provides a generous subsidy worth more than $125 billion a year for individuals who obtain their health insurance through their employer. However, those who do not have insurance available through their employers receive little or no assistance. Taxpayer subsidies should be targeted at those who need assistance to obtain health coverage. Further, individuals should be able to choose and own their own health coverage.

A refundable tax credit, as proposed in this important legislation, is an effective way to provide targeted assistance to individuals who need coverage. This is good for those who need assistance to buy private coverage, and it is good for all Americans. It will help preserve a private and diverse health care system that is threatened by steady encroachment of government-run health care programs.

Grace-Marie Arnett       John S. Hoff, Esq.
President       Trustee

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