Highlights: November 2012

The November 6 election results left us reeling — no doubt about it. But we are regrouping, and, as you will see from the report below, interest in health care remains intense.

In addition to our work here, Galen president Grace-Marie Turner traveled to London over Thanksgiving and met with several of our market-oriented think tank colleagues who are trying to push the National Health Service toward more patient-friendly policies. She saw ever more evidence there that a centrally controlled, government-run health care system simply is not compatible with a growing, prosperous, Information-Age economy.

ObamaCare IS wrong for America, and the American people know it. Much work remains to be done here. And we are ready! Stay tuned…


Grace-Marie Turner’s Forbes column, “The ObamaCare Battlefront Shifts To The States,” was also featured in RealClearPolitics.

Our commentary on “What the Election Means for ObamaCare” was published by National Review Online and the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

The Heartlander featured Grace-Marie’s commentary on “Obama’s Law Is Poised to Hurt Those It Was Supposed to Help.”

We submitted two commentaries to The Wall Street Journal: “The 5 R’s of Repeal and Replace,” and “ObamaCare’s sticker shock.”

We published 4 posts the Galen blog:

Galen in the News

Grace-Marie was interviewed about ObamaCare, the elections, and health insurance exchanges on several regional and nationally syndicated radio programs, including The Mark Reardon Show, The Small Business Advocate, and Butler on Business.

She also spoke about these issues with numerous journalists from publications such as Politico, The Washington Times, The Hill, and Kaiser Health News. Our work was cited in publications across the country, including:


Grace-Marie gave several speeches in November:

  • Tea Party Patriots nationwide teleconference on the election results and ObamaCare
  • Healthcare Leadership Council’s Part D Tele-Town Hall
  • Southern Medical Association Healthcare Summit in Nashville, TN
  • ALEC Workshop on “Medicare-Medicaid Coordination: State Integration for Dual Eligibles” in Washington, DC


Grace-Marie participated in meetings of the Repeal Coalition, in addition to other meetings on Capitol Hill.

Grace-Marie participated in and spoke at the Conservative Leadership Summit in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on November 15.

Grace-Marie met with several center-right think tank colleagues in London November 20-22, including:

  • Gail Beer of 2020health.org
  • Graham Satchwell, an expert on drug counterfeiting

  • Andrew Haldenby and Thomas Cawston of REFORM

Grace-Marie attended The Heritage Foundation’s reception and dinner for new members of Congress on November 30.

We also participated in numerous meetings with health industry executives and policy experts to discuss new initiatives for market-based health reform.