Highlights: June 2012

In the weeks leading up to the Supreme Court ruling on the health overhaul law, we continued our work to inform policymakers and the public about the impact of the law's mandates, taxes, and regulations as we prepared for a new debate on the right kind of health reform. After the Supreme Court's tortured decision was announced, we worked non-stop to explain the ruling and its implications for consumers and the health sector. Our June report highlights just some of our recent activities to shed light on how the law will impact your families, your businesses, and your freedoms.


The Pioneer Institute selected a paper co-authored by Grace-Marie Turner and AEI's Bob Helms as the winner of its 21st annual Better Government Competition. The paper, "Coordinating Medicare and Medicaid to Improve Care," explores solutions to modernizing health care for dual-eligible beneficiaries — a most vulnerable group of Americans who fall between the cracks of Medicare and Medicaid's voluminous rules.

We contributed to a New York Times symposium analyzing options if the Supreme Court were to strike the mandate with a post entitled, "The Court Should Strike It All Down."

Grace-Marie's commentary on "A 'Defined Contribution' Model is a Key Building Block for Free Market Plans" was published by Human Events.

Grace-Marie published two pieces on her biweekly Forbes.com column: "If ObamaCare Is Judged Unconstitutional, Here's How to Reform Healthcare," and "Rewriting The Obama Health Law Through Regulation?"

Our immediate statement on the Supreme Court ruling on the health overhaul law was published in the Orange County Register, Human Events, and Contacto Latino. We also produced a news release, which was distributed to hundreds of news outlets.

Our commentary on "U.S. at risk of losing edge in medical innovation" was published in various local newspapers, including The Epoch Times and Compton Bulletin.

National Review Online published three Galen op-eds in June: “ObamaCare: Wrong for Women,” “Don’t Be Reckless with New Drug Law,” and “The Top Ten Worst Things in ObamaCare.”


Grace-Marie spoke about the health overhaul law and the implications of the Supreme Court ruling to several audiences in June:

  • What's Next for Health Care?, a Google+ Hangout hosted by The New York Times
  • Liberty and Justice for All: Strategies to Achieve Free-Market Public Policy Reform, hosted by Philanthropy Roundtable and DonorsTrust
  • How the health overhaul law impacts women, a meeting for legislators hosted by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers
  • Healthcare Transparency Task Force Conference Call, hosted by NAHU
  • Tea Party Patriots Conference Call, a nationwide call for all chapter groups

Galen In the News

Grace-Marie was interviewed on Varney & Co. and Lou Dobbs Tonight about the impact of the health law on costs, the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on the 2012 presidential race, and the implications of ACA being upheld by the court. We were live on Varney & Co. as the Supreme Court ruling came down and were first on the network to explain that the court had not struck the law.

Grace-Marie was a guest on more than 25 radio programs in June, including local and national programs such as The C4 Show, The Takeaway, The Drew Mariani Show, The Small Business Advocate, Up Front with Rod Grams, and The G. Gordon Liddy Show.

We gave numerous additional interviews about the future of health reform and the impact of the health law to reporters following the court decision, including one station in New Zealand. And our work was mentioned in dozens of articles, including:

Events and Meetings

Walmart's Joe Quinn spoke about the company's new Healthy Food Initiative on our monthly State Leaders Call, co-hosted by the Institute for Policy Innovation and the State Policy Network.

Our monthly briefing for Congressional staffers, co-hosted by the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation, focused on "Uncovering PPACA's Hidden Taxes," with guest speakers Alex Brill of AEI and Steve Entin of IRET.

And we participated in a number of events in June, including: The 2012 Bradley Awards Dinner, the Conservative Leadership Summit, Heritage's "The Plaintiffs' Perspective on the ObamaCare Ruling" event, and numerous other meetings with policymakers, colleagues, and health industry leaders.