Transformative Change: Market-Driven Health Care

  Transformative Change:
Market-Driven Health Care

Sponsored by

U. S. Chamber of Commerce
American Medical Association
National Center for Policy Analysis
Galen Institute

Monday, June 4

8:00 am — 8:30 am — Continental Breakfast

8:30 am — 9:30 am

A New Paradigm for Employers – Exploring new thinking in the employer community about managing health benefits, controlling costs, and ensuring quality and employee satisfaction. Examining policy initiatives that will facilitate that change.


  • Ken Berkowitz (Manager, Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
  • Thomas Jackson (Senior Fellow, Institute for SocioEconomic Studies)
  • Kate Sullivan (Director, Health Care Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce) Moderator

9:30 am — 10:30 am

Promises in the Pipeline – The impact of the information revolution on creative financing and delivery of health care. A glimpse of the possibilities as health care research evolves to create the next generation of medical miracles.


  • Howard Wizig (Chairman, Vivius)
  • Sandy Lutz (Healthcare Research Director, Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
  • Karen Williams (President, National Pharmaceutical Council)
  • Daniel H. Johnson, Jr., M.D., (Former President of the American Medical Association and Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation) Moderator

10:30 am — 10: 45 am — Coffee Break

10:45 am — 12:00 pm

The Dynamics of a Consumer-Oriented Health System– Opportunities, promises and challenges. We will explore how the market can deal with adverse selection, pooling, risk-based rating, etc.; how risk pools can be structured to maximize choice and efficiency; and how the market would change with a flood of new purchasers.


  • Walton Francis (President, Public Policy Network)
  • Dave Ogden (Consulting Actuary, Milliman and Robertson)
  • Ken Linde (President and CEO, Destiny Health)
  • John Hoff (Health care attorney and Galen Institute trustee)
  • Greg Scandlen (Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis) Moderator

12:15 pm — 1:30 pm — Lunch

What happens if we stay on the current path?

Tom Scully, HCFA Administrator-designate as possible speaker. [Invited]

1:45 pm – 3:00 pm

Tax Policy and the 107th Congress – The prospects for tax credits for the uninsured, deductibility of individual health insurance premiums, MSA expansion, rollover of Flexible Spending Accounts, etc.


  • Sally Canfield (Counselor to the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Dean Rosen (Staff Director, Senate HELP Committee)
  • Diane Rowland (Executive Vice President, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation)
  • Jack Strayer (Vice President, External Affairs, National Center for Policy Analysis) Moderator

3:00 pm — 4:15 pm

20/20 in 2020: A vision for a consumer-driven health system. Where does transformative change take us? Moving beyond the year-to-year political and budget debate to explore how market-based policy changes could change the health sector.


  • Jesse Hixson (Principal Economist, American Medical Association)
  • Stuart Butler (Vice President, The Heritage Foundation)
  • Jeff Lemieux (Senior Fellow, Progressive Policy Institute)
  • Gary Ahlquist (Vice President, Booz-Allen & Hamilton)
  • Grace-Marie Turner (President, Galen Institute) Moderator


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