Highlights: September 2012

A record number of speaking requests have taken us from Washington State to Florida, Georgia to Illinois, and lots of places in between, to talk with business leaders, physicians’ groups, and state legislators, all of whom are getting anxious about ObamaCare’s looming deadlines.  Our writings, with links below, explain why we should all be worried.

The highlight of the month was traveling to Boston for an awards dinner where Bob Helms of AEI and Galen’s Grace-Marie Turner were honored to win the prestigious Better Government award from the Pioneer Institute — a terrific Massachusetts-based think tank that works to advance public policy solutions based on free-market principles, individual liberty and responsibility, and effective, limited and accountable government.  We are grateful for the attention the award has brought to our paper on the crucially important issue of reform of Medicare and Medicaid’s treatment of dual-eligible beneficiaries.

Read on for more about our continuing efforts to educate the electorate about right and wrong health policy solutions.


Grace-Marie Turner

Grace-Marie spoke at numerous events in September about the dangers of the health overhaul law and ideas for patient-centered reform, including:


FOX Business published Grace-Marie’s commentary on “How ObamaCare Could Harm the 47%.”

Grace-Marie’s column on Forbes featured her commentary on “Why Barack’s Silence On Obamacare?

We contributed seven commentaries to The Corner blog on National Review Online:

We posted two commentaries on the Galen blog: “A Bipartisan Conversation on Health Reform,” and “Galen Institute and American Enterprise Institute Winning Paper Featured at 2012 Better Government Competition Awards Ceremony.”

Galen in the News

Grace-Marie gave interviews to nationally syndicated programs The Drew Mariani Show, NPR’s All Things Considered Solutions Series, and others.

Our scholars were quoted in numerous articles about ObamaCare’s burdensome infrastructure, Medicare’s physician shortage, and other issues by news outlets across the country, including:

Events and Meetings

Our September State Leaders Call featured a keynote presentation from Utah Governor Gary Herbert about the dangers and problems with further Medicaid expansion. This monthly series is co-hosted by the Galen Institute, State Policy Network, and Institute for Policy Innovation.

The Health Policy Series for Capitol Hill staffers continued with a look at “Setting the Record Straight on Medicare,” featuring guest speakers Robert Moffit, Ph.D. and Joseph Antos, Ph.D. This series is jointly hosted by the Galen Institute, American Enterprise Institute, and The Heritage Foundation.

Grace-Marie attended “Fiscal sanity and political success: Canada proves you can have it all,” hosted by American Enterprise Institute and the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

Grace-Marie participated in two meetings of the Repeal Coalition, and attended dozens of meetings with physicians and business leaders to discuss the next stage of the health reform debate.