Highlights: October 2013


The website fiasco is not an isolated problem but a symptom of the administration’s highly dysfunctional effort to implement a massive government take-over of one sixth of our economy.  Even if the ObamaCare website gets fixed, many more disasters are to come.

Real people are being harmed right now as they lose coverage they need and rely on.  We are working with policy makers to develop near-term solutions that also build a foundation for free-market policies that put doctors and patients, not government bureaucrats, in charge of decisions. Read on for more about our work in October to protect health freedom:


Forbes.com published two of our columns:

“Efforts to hide full cost of ObamaCare insurance fueled epic crash”

“As ObamaCare takes on water, the electorate wakes up to its horrors”

National Review Online published five of our commentaries:

“Top Ten ObamaCare insurance disasters to come”

“Consumers know it’s not just volume”

“Californians hit with big rate shocks”

“Still no funding for kids with cancer”

“The administration’s audacious blame game”

We had two major articles published:

Grace-Marie and Obama adviser David Cutler engaged in a Q&A about the Affordable Care Act with health actuary Kurt Wrobel. The exchange was featured in the Society of Actuaries’ October Health Watch “The ACA—Two Policy Experts’ Perspectives.”

Also, we wrote an article about free-market health reform in the post-Obama era, “The right health reform: putting patients first,” published in the inFocus Quarterly, Fall 2013.

Grace-Marie and Tyler Hartsfield published a paper:

“Creating a ‘Good Samaritan’ network of free clinics”

And we wrote a piece for our hometown paper, The Alexandria Times, warning our neighbors about the costs and risks of identity theft with HealthCare.gov (when it’s working):

“When it comes to health insurance, do your research”

Galen in the News

Galen was very active this month on TV, radio, print, and the Internet.

Grace-Marie was on CNN “Crossfire” on October 28“In the Crossfire: Diagnosing ObamaCare” with hosts S.E. Cupp and Grace-Marie taking on Ron Pollack of Families USA and former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

CNBC The Kudlow Report talking about the rollout of ObamaCare

CBN with Paul Strand, “ObamaCare website company had troubled history.”

Fox Business with Varney and Co. “How to identify if your insurance will be terminated.”

Grace-Marie was quoted by Richard Eisenberg in Forbes and Next Avenue regarding long-term care costs, “How government could cut long-term care costs,” and by Life Health Pro: “Real Gridlock: The LTC commission.”  She was also quoted about the rollout of ObamaCare in many publications including The Detroit News, Kaiser Health News, and Canada Free Press.

The Galen Institute was also on the airwaves with radio interviews around the country, including the Brian Thomas Show in Cincinnati and the Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio, Butler on Business, WND Radio America, the Small Business Advocate with Jim Blasingame, the Bill Martinez show, and the Frank Beckmann Show in Detroit.

Speeches, Meetings and Events

Grace-Marie presented Galen’s “million dollar idea” at the Philanthropy Roundtable’s Annual Meeting:  “Creating a ‘Good Samaritan’ network of free clinics.”

She spoke at the Kennedy Fellow Conference on long-term care and took part in a panel discussion regarding upcoming health care issues at the Cantor Leadership Forum.  Grace-Marie was the keynote speaker at the Physician Summit in Dallas, speaking about physicians struggling with Obamacare and options available to them.

Grace-Marie attended the Woman of Valor Dinner honoring Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Faith Family Freedom dinner honoring Ed Feulner, and the Kemp Leadership Award dinner honoring Governor Jeb Bush.

We facilitated our monthly State Leaders call — jointly hosted by Galen Institute, the Institute for Policy Innovation, and the State Policy Network — on “Telling the Stories Behind the Policy.”  Guest speakers included marketing experts to analyze what messages we need to move hearts and minds, and we also heard from Francis DeLuca, President of Civitas Institute, and Robert Alt, President of the Buckeye Institute in Ohio.