Highlights: March 2012

Whew! What a month it was. Opposition to ObamaCare reached a crescendo, and we were there outside the Supreme Court as hundreds of Americans who had come to Washington from across the country carried posters and chanted “Strike it down!” and “Protect the Constitution!” We were engaged every day and every hour to continue to educate this historic and crucially important debate, providing analysis of the oral arguments in speeches and in dozens of radio interviews and op-eds across the country. We also hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill and an inspiring conference call for state leaders with Rep. Michele Bachmann, who gave us her prospective on what’s next. Read on for highlights…


Romney’s Best Defense: The Truth About RomneyCare,” was featured by The American Spectator and became one of the most commented on stories the week it was published on the website. Nationally syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham talked about our commentary on her show and also shared it with her Twitter followers.

Grace-Marie’s pro/con debate with Rep. Lynn Woolsey on whether the health reform law is unconstitutional has been published in more than 25 newspapers, including The Orange County Register, Oregonian, Milwaukee Sunday Journal Sentinel, and New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Grace-Marie posted two commentaries to her Health Matters column on Forbes:The Key Issue In the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare Verdict,” and “ObamaCare: If Possible, The News Is Getting Worse,” which was the #1 most viewed story on the website and was shared extensively on social media websites.

Our commentary on “Does Congress need IPAB? Congress Must Accept Its Responsibility” was featured in National Journal and RealClearPolicy.

We produced two commentaries on IPAB: “Repeal ObamaCare’s payment panel now” was published by The Washington Examiner and shared on Twitter by Speaker John Boehner; and “President Obama Wants to Strengthen Medicare Rationing Board,” which was published in several newspapers, including the Hawaii Reporter and The Epoch Times.

We contributed six pieces to National Review Online:

Galen in the News

The Contraceptive Mandate and the Indignity of the Law,” Kathryn Lopez’s interview with Grace-Marie, was published by the National Catholic Register.

Grace-Marie discussed the Supreme Court arguments on ObamaCare on FOX Business’ Varney & Co. and Lou Dobbs Tonight and on Newsmax TV. She also appeared on the FOX News web show, FOX News Live, for a discussion about the health overhaul law and religious liberty.

Grace-Marie was a guest on FORTY radio programs in March, on regional programs like The C4 Show in Baltimore, Butler on Business in Atlanta, and The Brian Thomas Show in Cincinnati, and on several national programs, including The Diane Rehm Show, Payne Nation, Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, and The G. Gordon Liddy Show.

Galen’s work was cited by more than 30 news outlets in March, including:

Events & Speeches

Rep. Michele Bachmann was our keynote speaker on the March State Leaders Call, jointly hosted by the Galen Institute, Institute for Policy Innovation, and State Policy Network. Rep. Bachmann talked to the group about the essential importance of repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

Our March Health Policy Series briefing featured AEI’s Tom Miller and Robert Alt from The Heritage Foundation, who examined the main issues before the Supreme Court in ObamaCare, including the individual mandate and Medicaid expansion. Galen co-hosts this series for Capitol Hill staffers with the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation.

Grace-Marie spoke about health care reform, regulatory changes, and the legal challenges to ObamaCare to business owners at the Popeyes 2012 International Franchise Conference in New Orleans, members of the Young Guns Network at their summit on “Health Care Reform — How Will the Next Chapter Unfold,” and insurance industry experts at the IHC Leaders Conference in Scottsdale.

We were invited to meetings with Members of Congress, business leaders, and policy experts to discuss religious liberty, Medicaid reform, Medicare and the Part D benefit, health IT, and other issues.