Highlights: July & August 2015

Impact and Highlights 

Moving on to the elections…As in the past, the Galen Institute offers its research and analysis to candidates at all levels of government – from the presidency to governors, legislators, and local candidates – to help them formulate and communicate a positive vision for health care in America.  A presidential election year is the time to advance fresh ideas that deploy consumer power and market forces to achieve the right kind of health reform.

Millions of people have lost health insurance the liked because of ObamaCare and now are reliant on the new system for coverage.  They need a safety net while we build the foundation of a new system that offers greater choice, real competition, transparency, and lower costs.  Read on for more about our work in continuing to educate the debate and build consensus around patient-centered ideas.


We helped shape the Conservative Action Project’s Memo for the Movement: Repeal and Replace, released July 29. This memo, which has been signed by nearly 100 conservative leaders, encourages policymakers and political candidates to follow ten conservative principles when crafting their replacement plans.

The New York Times published our post, Women Need Dignity More Than Sex Without Consequence, in its Room for Debate on July 13.

USA Today published our commentary, Families Brace for Steep Hikes: Opposing View, on August 11.

Forbes published our columns:

Galen in the News

NBC Nightly News invited Grace-Marie to discuss the teen birth control debate on July 22.

Grace-Marie provided commentary with radio interviews on:

The Galen Institute was cited in numerous blogs and publications throughout the country in July and August, including:


  • Grace-Marie was the keynote speaker for a webinar on July 30 hosted by United Missouri Bancshares HealthCare Services entitled “Dynamics of ObamaCare: A Real-Time Update.”
  • On July 30, Grace-Marie was a panelist at a Capitol Hill briefing organized by Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE) and the Council for Affordable Health Coverage entitled “Health Insurance Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPS): An Overview of CO-Ops, Their Challenges, and Next Steps.”  We spoke about our paper, ObamaCare Co-ops: Cause Célèbre or Costly Conundrum? that forecast the avalanche of problems with the co-ops.


The Galen Institute both facilitated and attended meetings in July and August with reporters, legislators, and other think tanks:

  • The Galen Institute facilitated a Consensus Group meeting at the American Enterprise Institute on July 9, bringing top health policy experts together to discuss new ideas for conservative health reform.
  • On July 7 and July 17, a MyCancellation conference call hosted by the Independent Women’s Forum about Americans who have lost their health coverage due to ObamaCare.
  • On July 8 and July 29, the Galen staff attended Repeal Coalition meetings on Capitol Hill.
  • Grace-Marie talked with Richard Pollock of The Daily Caller on July 10 about the failing ObamaCare co-ops.
  • On July 14, she met with Sean Kennedy of AEI re an upcoming op-ed.
  • The Galen staff attended the Americans for Tax Reform meeting on July 15 to discuss the $36,500 ObamaCare penalty for businesses that help to pay for their employees’ private health plans.
  • We joined conference calls about state exchange failures on July 17, 20, and July 30.
  • On July 22, we attended the Americans for Tax Reform Wednesday meeting to discuss the release of the Conservative Action Project statement.
  • On July 30, we joined an American Benefits Council conference call to talk about the ObamaCare “Cadillac” tax.
  • On July 31, Grace-Marie spoke with Kelsey Harkness of The Daily Signal about the Planned Parenthood controversy and utilizing community health centers for women’s health services instead.
  • And we participated in August 11 and 20 conference calls with leaders of the Catholic Medical Association.


The Galen team attended a number events during the months of July and August:

  • On July 9, Grace-Marie attended the pre-launch book reception for The Conservative Heart by Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute.
  • She attended the Federalist Society luncheon event, “2015 Supreme Court Round-Up,” on July 10.
  • And attended the Constituting America reception on July 20.

The Galen staff attended the Conservative Reform Network launch event for the Room to Grow domestic policy series on July 28.