Highlights: July 2012

The Supreme Court’s shocking decision on the health overhaul law left many Americans confused — with 45% thinking that the court had either struck down the law or were unsure. Our recent commentaries, media interviews, speeches, and events focused on educating the public about the law that is still very much in place and the huge damage it will do to our economy and our health sector if it is allowed to stand. We are also working to help people understand the free-market, patient-centered alternative proposals we offer. The Galen Institute is ready for the intense debate over the next several months, providing the tools and information Americans will need to revive policies that support free markets and free people.


Our commentaries were featured in dozens of publications in July, including:

Forbes.com published two pieces in Grace-Marie’s regular Health Matters column: “Seeking to Preserve ObamaCare, Chief Justice Roberts Eviscerated It,” and “How Much Is The ObamaCare Mandate Going To Cost You,” which was shared on Twitter by CEO Steve Forbes.

Twitter: Steve Forbes

We contributed four commentaries to National Review Online:

Our commentary on “U.S. at risk of losing edge in medical innovation” continues to be featured in local newspapers across the country, including the San Antonio Express-News, Two River Times, and Chowan Herald.

We published two posts on the Galen Institute blog: “Small businesses see ObamaCare as a minefield;” and “HHS mandate hits businesses.”

Galen In the News

Grace-Marie was a guest on two FOX Business programs: Varney & Co., where she discussed how ObamaCare will consolidate the health care industry; and MONEY with Melissa Francis, where she was interviewed about the Congressional Budget Office study on the health overhaul law.

Grace-Marie discussed the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on the health law on several radio programs including The Mark Reardon Show, America’s Healthcare Advocate, Butler on Business, and The Small Business Advocate.

We also gave interviews to The Fiscal Times and CNS News, and our work was cited in dozens of commentaries:


Grace-Marie spoke about the Supreme Court ruling on the health overhaul law and the future of health care at several events in July, including:

  • The Supreme Court's ObamaCare Ruling: What Does It All Mean? hosted by the Cato Institute
  • ObamaCare: Then and Now, hosted by Crossroads GPS and the American Action Network
  • Alliance of Specialty Medicine Advocacy Conference
  • Tea Party Patriots Training Conference

Events and Meetings

Our State Leaders Call on July 2 featured colleagues Nina Owcharenko, Ilya Shapiro, Michael Cannon, and Marie Sanderson, who discussed the Supreme Court Ruling on the health law. Galen co-hosts this series with the Institute for Policy Innovation and the State Policy Network.

Doug Holtz-Eakin and Nina Owcharenko spoke at “The Court Has Spoken: How Will the Private Sector and States Respond,” our July 9 briefing for Congressional staffers, which we co-hosted with the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation.

Grace-Marie attended “An evening with Senator Rand Paul,” an event of The American Spectator Foundation’s Saturday Evening Club series on July 24.

We participated in two meetings of the Repeal Coalition and the Wednesday meeting of Americans for Tax Reform.

Grace-Marie attended the U.S. Chamber of Commerce event for Diana Furchtgott-Roth’s new book, Women’s Figures: An Illustrated Guide to the Economic Progress of Women in America.

We also participated in numerous additional meetings with policymakers and health industry leaders to discuss the current health policy environment and patient-centered solutions for reform.