Highlights: January 2014


With breaking news every day about the failure of ObamaCare to meet its promises, we spent much of January working with colleagues to refine free-market alternatives for Security and Choice in Health Care.

And the wealth of ideas will be featured at a major conference we are planning in Washington on Feb. 27, “Fresh Ideas and a New Vision for Health Reform.”  Please join us if you can, or plan to join us virtually via webcast.  Watch your email for details!


The New York Times Room for Debate published our commentary on who the president should invite to sit with the First Lady at the State of the Union address.  We suggested:

Forbes.com published our columns:

National Review Online published three of our posts:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce published our post for its new blog:

In addition to the articles above, we posted an updated commentary to the Galen Blog:

Galen in the News

Galen was very active on TV and radio in January – and we keep our social media networks buzzing reporting on the blizzard of ObamaCare news.

Grace-Marie provided commentary with TV interviews on:


The Galen Institute was also on radio interviews around the country, including:

In other news:

Grace-Marie was quoted by Clara Ritger in National Journal “It’s Hard to see your doctor. Is that Obamacare’s fault?”

She was quoted by Richard Pollock in the Washington Examiner, “EXography: States say most uninsured still won’t be covered in 2014.”

And by Mark Tapscott in the Washington Examiner, “Nothing new in Obama’s State of the Union address.”

Speeches, Meetings and Events

Grace-Marie was the featured speaker on a Real Wealth podcast focusing on the future of ObamaCare and how it will impact individuals and families: “What’s coming next with the ACA?”

She spoke at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention 2014 in Myrtle Beach, which aired on C-Span.

Grace-Marie gave speeches to local groups in Alexandria, VA, and in Moore County, NC, regarding ObamaCare and what to expect in 2014.

We facilitated our monthly State Leaders call – jointly hosted by Galen Institute, the Institute for Policy Innovation, and the State Policy Network – on “States and Medicaid Expansion.”  Our featured speakers were Avik Roy with the Manhattan Institute and Josh Archambault with the Foundation for Government Accountability.

We also met and assisted many members of governors’ staffs and state legislators with policy research as they prepare for their upcoming legislative sessions.

We met with senators, Members of Congress, and staff on ideas for health policy initiatives, and we participated in numerous meetings and conference calls about alternative plans, met with hospital executives in North Carolina about their challenges in implementing the ACA, participated in meetings of the Repeal Coalition, and facilitated a meeting with policy colleagues to discuss new initiatives for market-based health reform.

Grace-Marie also attended events with the Alternative Health Associates, American Enterprise Institute, Atlas, and others.

We are getting ready to host a conference in Washington DC on February 27th with exciting ideas about healthcare in 2014 and going forward. Register now!