Highlights: February 2014


The highlight of the season was our major conference on “Fresh ideas and a new vision for health reform” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., showing the clear vision and solid policy ideas offered by conservative leaders and free-market policy experts.  More than 200 people attended the conference, co-sponsored by 11 of our sister think tanks. We also submitted an Amicus brief in another court challenge to ObamaCare and were active in print, on the airwaves, and in social media.  Please read on…


The Journal of the James Madison Institute published our article: “Florida Charts a Path for Medicaid Reform: There are good alternatives to expanding this deeply flawed program”

We submitted a brief to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in the Halbig v. Sebelius case arguing on behalf of states’ 10th amendment protection against the IRS rule that illegally allows ACA subsidies to flow through federal exchanges.

Investor’s Business Daily published our article on the onerous new medical classification system, “New Rule Creates Avalanche Of Time-Wasting Paperwork For Doctors”

Forbes.com published our columns:

National Review Online published our post:

The Hill posted our commentary:

In addition, we posted an updated commentary to the Galen Blog and a link to the handouts from our “Fresh ideas” conference:

Galen in the News

Grace-Marie provided commentary with TV interviews on:

In other news:

Galen was quoted by Shannon Goessling in The Washington Times, “GOESSLING: The power of the president’s pen versus the Constitution.”

The Heartland Institute cites the Galen/Manhattan Institute paper on Medicaid expansion in its document: “Research & Commentary: Examining the Arkansas Medicaid Expansion Model”

Galen was quoted by Cal Thomas in the Washington Examiner and distributed by the AP, “Republicans should at least use the courts to try to restrain Obama.”

Investors Business Daily published an article quoting Grace-Marie: “No, Mr. President, you can’t do anything you want.”

Speeches, Meetings and Events

  • Speakers at our major conference of the winter, “Fresh ideas and a new vision for health reform,” articulated a clear vision and solid policy ideas for free-market reform. The event was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on Feb. 27, co-sponsored by 11 of our sister think tanks.  You can watch the whole conference on our archived webcast.
  • Grace-Marie was the featured speaker at the Georgetown University Medical School alumnae’s Clinical Society meeting, “Update on implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”
  • She spoke at the National Association of Health Underwriters Capitol conference in DC, “How to best navigate in a post health reform insurance marketplace, and the impact of health care reform in America.”
  • We helped arrange, with Joe Antos of AEI, a meeting between Consensus Group members and officials of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to discuss their plans for supporting research involving comparative clinical effectiveness studies and other issues.
  • She spoke at a panel discussion on next steps in health reform at the Conservative Policy Summit hosted by Heritage Action.
  • We facilitated our monthly State Leaders call – jointly hosted by Galen Institute, the Institute for Policy Innovation, and the State Policy Network – on the health reform plan offered by U.S. Senators Richard Burr, Tom Coburn, and Orrin Hatch.  Our featured speakers were from each of the senators’ offices, Anna Abram with Sen. Burr, Jay Khosla with Sen. Hatch, and Josh Trent, who worked with Sen. Coburn.
  • We organized our monthly Health Policy Series for Capitol Hill staffers, “ObamaCare and Jobs: What’s the real story?”  Our featured speakers were Joseph Antos, Wilson H. Taylor Scholar in Health Care and Retirement Policy with the American Enterprise Institute and James Sherk, Senior Policy Analyst in Labor Economics with the Heritage Foundation.

Grace-Marie attended a reception honoring the nation’s governors in Washington for their annual Capitol Conference, a Bach Consort reception at Sen. Rockefeller’s magnificent home, an AEI event featuring the Dalai Lama, and an advisory board meeting for the Steamboat Institute.

We met with Members of Congress and staff on ideas for health policy initiatives, and we participated in numerous meetings and conference calls about ObamaCare and participated in meetings of the Repeal Coalition.