Highlights: December 2013


The cascade of changes that the president is making to ObamaCare exposes the law’s fundamental failure, and even if the website gets fixed, more problems are coming, including tens of thousands of people at risk of losing health coverage through small business plans this year.  We explained this and more in our testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee in December. As the new year begins, we are seizing the opportunity to begin a fresh conversation over health reform.  The first post below explains more…


Forbes.com published our column:

“Don’t believe the pundits, conservatives are bursting with ideas to replace ObamaCare”

National Review Online published three of our posts:

“We should all worry about the ACA”

“Another round of whoppers”

“The WH is about to hold a fire sale on ObamaCare”

In addition to the articles above, we posted two commentaries to the Galen Blog:

“Tell the truth about ObamaCare? Don’t you dare!”

“31 Changes to ObamaCare…So Far”

The Fairfax Weekly published “Navigating the Health Law”

And we wrote a briefing memo to help physicians explain why a single-payer health care payment system would be wrong for America.

Galen in the News

Galen was very active on TV and radio in December – and we keep our social media networks buzzing reporting on our activities and more.

Grace-Marie provided commentary with TV interviews on:

Fox and Friends, December 31st:  Grace-Marie and Steve Doocy discussed challenges for ObamaCare heading into 2014.

Fox Business with Varney & Co: “Could you end up paying big bucks for prescription drugs?”

CNBC with The Kudlow Report: “Obama’s Health care PR blitz”

Fox Business with Varney & Co: “The latest ObamaCare rule change”

CNBC with The Kudlow Report: “ObamaCare’s utter chaos”

Fox Business with Varney & Co: “Who is signing up for ObamaCare?”

The Galen Institute was also on radio interviews around the country, including:

  • Butler on Business
  • The Small Business Advocate with Jim Blasingame
  • The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio
  • Richmond’s Morning News with Jimmy Barrett
  • Radio America with Greg Corumbus
  • Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith
  • The Jerry Newcombe Show
  • Arise Network with Lisa Kaplan
  • City on a Hill with Diana Crews

In other news:

Grace-Marie was quoted by Charlotte Hays in Politico “How did mainstream media blow the ObamaCare Story”.

She was also quoted by Emily Ethridge in the Congressional Quarterly, “Health care law problems go beyond exchange website rollout, GOP warns,” regarding her testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Reuters published an article by Caren Bohan and Susan Cornwell, White House News Correspondents, quoting Grace-Marie: “U.S. Republicans broaden attacks on ObamaCare”.

Speeches, Meetings and Events

On December 4, 2013, Grace-Marie Turner testified before the Subcommittee on Health of the House Committee on Ways and Means: “Challenges of the affordable care act.” A pdf version of her full testimony can be found here.

Grace-Marie was the featured speaker on a Real Wealth webinar focusing on the future of ObamaCare and how it will impact individuals and families: “What’s coming next with the ACA?”

She spoke at the Thomas Jefferson Institute Leadership Roundtable on Health Care Reform in Richmond. Grace-Marie attended events with the Alternative Health Associates, American Enterprise Institute, and the Conservative Leadership Summit, as well as an American Spectator dinner featuring Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who has a deep understanding of the insurance industry from his experience as a broker.

We facilitated our monthly State Leaders call — jointly hosted by Galen Institute, the Institute for Policy Innovation, and the State Policy Network—“ObamaCare’s next legal challenge”.  Our featured speaker was Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, discussing his state’s lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration for allowing ObamaCare subsidies to flow through federal exchanges.

We organized our monthly Health Policy Series for Capitol Hill staffers, “ObamaCare’s lost coverage”, discussing the future of individuals whose health insurance was cancelled due to ObamaCare and the ongoing problems individuals face when they attempt to sign up on the exchanges.  Our featured speakers were Joseph Antos, Wilson H. Taylor Scholar in Health Care and Retirement Policy with the American Enterprise Institute and Ed Haisimaier, Senior Research Fellow with the Heritage Foundation.

We met with Members of Congress and staff on ideas for health policy initiatives, and we participated in numerous meetings and conference calls about ObamaCare, participated in meetings of the Repeal Coalition, and facilitated a meeting with policy colleagues to discuss new initiatives for market-based health reform. We also held the annual Galen Institute board meeting and hosted our festive Galen Institute Christmas Party for Consensus Group colleagues.