Highlights: August 2012

Our briefing in Tampa was a big success, with surprising agreement from our speakers that we CAN have a bipartisan conversation on health reform. Three leading physician-legislators in the House of Representatives — Rep. Tom Price, chair of the Republican Policy Committee, Rep. Michael Burgess, chair of the Congressional Health Care Caucus, and Rep. Phil Gingrey, co-chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus — were joined by Len Nichols, George Mason University professor of health policy and Galen’s Grace-Marie Turner for a lively and productive discussion.

Our book, Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America, hit #4 last week on The Washington Post’s list of non-fiction bestsellers! The health overhaul law is like a freight train heading toward our economy and health sector, and the book gives people the tools they need to explain its dangers to family and friends and why it must be stopped.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published Grace-Marie Turner’s op-ed about Medicare reform, “Stop demonizing Ryan and get something done.”

Grace-Marie’s regular column on Forbes.com featured her commentary on “The Real Tragedy Of ObamaCare Has Yet To Be Felt By The Poor,” which has been viewed by almost 30,000 readers.

We contributed five posts to National Review Online, some of which were also featured on RealClearPolitics:

We posted four commentaries to our Galen Institute blog, with the latest explaining how “The Left is on Defense on Medicare.” You can follow our blog on galen.org or subscribe via RSS.

Galen In the News

Grace-Marie Turner on Varney & Co.

Grace-Marie made two appearances on FOX Business’ Varney & Co. program. In New York, she talked about the health law’s impact on employers, and she set the record straight about Medicare claims during an interview at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Grace-Marie gave a dozen radio interviews in August to regional shows and nationally syndicated programs. She talked about Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, Medicare, the impact of the health law on small business, and other health policy issues on shows including The Glenn Beck Program, Small Business Advocate, Sandy Rios in the Morning, The Pat Campbell Show, and Butler on Business.

We also talked with reporters from Accuracy in Media, National Journal, and WebMD, and our work was cited in numerous media articles, including:


We hosted a briefing on “Can we have a bipartisan conversation on health reform?” at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Business leaders, political candidates, and consumers who attended our briefing gained new insights into the solid and substantive agreement on health reform issues from our knowledgeable speakers: Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD, Rep. Tom Price, MD, Rep. Michael Burgess, MD, and health policy professor Len Nichols, PhD.


Grace-Marie Turner spoke about Medicare reform, the impact of the health law on women, the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, and the future of health policy in America at numerous events in August, including:

  • Election Special Report Series, hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center and The Hill
  • GOPAC 2012 State and Local Summit
  • Woman Up! Pavilion, hosted by the YG Network
  • The Hill’s Healthcare Town Hall Meeting
  • Council of State Manufacturers Association Annual Conference

We also facilitated dozens of meetings with colleagues, and we attended several additional meetings to discuss new initiatives and health policy ideas with government officials, industry leaders, member associations, and other think tanks.