Highlights: October 2012

Now, it’s up to the voters. We have been engaged every day and every hour to educate voters about the dangers of government-controlled health care and to offer a better path for the future. Opposition to ObamaCare continues unabated, with the majority of Americans in concert with those who rallied outside the Supreme Court earlier this year chanting “Strike it down!” The court didn’t do the job, but the voters can. We chronicle here our most recent work in analyzing the consequences of the law in speeches, papers, media interviews, op-eds, and outreach to new audiences across the country. You will have the final say on Tuesday. Be sure to vote!


We published a new paper on “Part D is Still Working,” which shows how the Medicare prescription drug program is saving taxpayers and seniors money through competition and consumer choice.

We introduced a new product in our email alerts lineup, the Pro Patient Minute, which offers fact-filled updates and resources with the latest information on the dangers of ObamaCare and the right solutions for health reform. Our October dispatches included information on how ObamaCare harms the most vulnerable Americans and why the law is a government take-over of our health sector.

Grace-Marie Turner published two commentaries in her Forbes.com column: “The Avalanche Of New ObamaCare Rules Will Come In January, 2013,” and “AEI Scholar J.D. Kleinke Pilloried by Conservative Policy Experts Over New York Times Op-Ed.”

We contributed two commentaries to National Review Online:The Commonwealth Fund Makes It Up, Again,” and “An Early Taste of ObamaCare’s Medicine.”

We published three posts to our Galen blog: “Healthcare Reform… the Job’s Not Done,” “Biden against the Bishops,” and “The Determinators: Whoever Pays Holds the Power to Decide.”

And we continued to distribute our Galen Guides, a series of quick-reference pocket cards on policy issues, to state legislators, Congressional staffers, and industry leaders.

Galen in the News

Grace-Marie Turner on Varney & Co.

Grace-Marie joined Varney & Co. on FOX Business to talk about employers offering workers more control over their health benefits through defined contributions.

She also gave several radio interviews on nationally syndicated and regional programs including Steve Crowley’s American Scene, Butler on Business, City on a Hill, and The Small Business Advocate.

We spoke with reporters from Politico and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and our work was cited in a number of articles, including:

Speeches & Events

The Determinators

Grace-Marie, along with other health policy experts and think tank colleagues, is featured in an important new documentary produced by the Tea Party Patriots, The Determinators: Whoever Pays Holds the Power to Decide. The film clearly shows how ObamaCare’s government control will rob us of our freedom and send our health sector into decline. The entire film is available to watch online.

Grace-Marie moderated a roundtable on “Consumerism and Healthcare” with leading CEOs at The Business Council in Chicago.

Grace-Marie spoke about the future of health reform at the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce 2012 Healthcare Forum.

She also spoke to the Princeton College Republicans, Tea Party Patriots, Baltimore Association of Health Underwriters, and on Third Way’s teleconference on “The Senior Vote: How Medicare Part D Matters.”

Our October Health Policy Series event featured Grace-Marie and Nina Owcharenko of The Heritage Foundation, who talked with Capitol Hill staffers about “Hot Topics on the Campaign Trail.”

We also participated in the annual Health Sector Assembly in Sundance, Utah.

We attended several additional events and meetings in October to talk about the impact of the health overhaul law and free-market solutions for reform with business leaders, members of Congress, and fellow policy experts.