Highlights: November 2013


The ObamaCare website is only the beginning of the problems the health law faces.  It is safe to say that there has never been a single piece of legislation that has had such a significant impact on the lives of millions of people even before it goes fully into effect.  We continue to educate Americans about the impact of the law on their jobs, their income, their health costs, and their health coverage, and we are working on free-market alternatives.  Here are highlights of our activities in November.


Forbes.com published our column:

“ObamaCare’s manifold errors force major changes in the failed law”

The Washington Examiner published our commentary:

“India’s drug patent violations block its path to world economic power status”

National Review Online published five of our posts:

“Yes we can (Keep Our Coverage) Act”

“Red Flags for Democrats on Obamacare”

“Still an empty promise”

“Twenty-seven Obamacare changes”

“Sticker shock and the ObamaCare website”

In addition to the articles above, we posted two commentaries to the Galen Blog:

“Patient-centered medicine starts with quality information”

“Post Pinocchios”

And we wrote a briefing memo to help physicians explain why a single-payer health care payment system would be wrong for America.

Galen in the News

Galen was very active on TV, radio, print, and the Internet.

Grace-Marie provided commentary with TV interviews on:

Fox Business with Varney & Co: “93 million could lose health care plans” on the anticipated cancellation of employer-sponsored health care plans

CNBC with The Kudlow Report: “Insurers extend plans into 2014”

Fox Business with Varney & Co: “Challenges faced by Obama’s new plan”

Fox Business with Varney & Co: ”Is the ‘Affordable Care Act’ really that affordable?”

The Galen Institute was also on the airwaves with radio interviews around the country, including:

  • KPNW’s Wake-up call with Bill Lundun in Eugene, Oregon
  • The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio
  • Steel on Steel with host John Loeffler on USA Network
  • Radio America with Greg Corumbus
  • The Small Business Advocate with Jim Blasingame
  • Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith
  • The Sandy Rios Show on American Family Radio
  • Sean and Frank in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Joe Thomas in the Morning in Virginia
  • The Jerry Newcombe Show
  • The Harry Jackson Show

Grace-Marie was quoted in articles and commentaries by Deroy Murdock in his nationally syndicated column, “Health insurers don’t deserve Obama’s scorn”; William Jasper, senior editor of The New America, ”Reid, Pelosi…If Obamacare’s so wonderful, why aren’t you joining?” and others.

Speeches, Meetings and Events

Grace-Marie was the keynote speaker at the Physicians Summit in Dallas, speaking about physicians struggling with Obamacare and options available to them.

She was the keynote speaker in Michigan speaking about incentives to promote a more competitive, patient-centered marketplace in the health sector at an American’s for Prosperity event. She also presented at a Business Leaders lunch while in Michigan.

She also spoke to teens about the Affordable Care Act as part of a Panim el Panim program in Washington to help young Jewish leaders understand the policy and political processes in Washington.

Grace-Marie was a panelist, along with other members from the Long Term Care Commission, at an AARP briefing on Capitol Hill about the work of the Long Term Care Commission.

She was invited to a Roundtable Discussion on Long-Term Care Insurance with the American Council of Life Insurers at a PBS Long Term Care Event sponsored by the SCAN foundation.

Grace-Marie attended a dinner sponsored by the Policy Workshop with a discussion of the future of health care with a number of policy colleagues.

Grace-Marie was a featured speaker on the weekly national conference call of the Tea Party Patriots, talking about why millions of people are losing their private health insurance.

We organized our monthly Health Policy Series for Capitol Hill staffers, “Will the Affordable Care Act live up to its name or will it make health insurance LESS affordable?” Our speakers were Avik Roy and Yevgeniy Feyman of the Manhattan Institute and Drew Gonshorowski, Policy Analyst, Simulations-Center for Data Analysis of the Heritage Foundation.

We met with Members of Congress and staff on ideas for health policy initiatives, and we participated in numerous meetings and conference calls about ObamaCare, participated in meetings of the Repeal Coalition, and facilitated a meeting with policy colleagues to discuss new initiatives for market-based health reform.