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In A Politically Polarized Year, Poll Finds Wide Agreement Among Voters On A Key Health Care Agenda

A new poll of voters in battleground states finds a rare opportunity for bipartisan agreement on health care, with Americans strongly favoring action on public policies that support medical discovery into new treatments and cures. The poll was jointly commissioned by the Galen Institute and Center Forward, center-right and center-left think tanks. Purple Insights interviewed 800 registered […]

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Prescription drug price controls pose lethal problems

The Democratic primaries may be contentious, but both candidates agree on one point: government fiat must rein in prescription drug prices. Hillary Clinton proposes caps on drug prices and a mandate that pharmaceutical companies spend a preset percentage of revenues on research and development. She’d confiscate any excess to subsidize public biomedical research institutions like […]

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Should Drug Prices Be Capped?

Americans understandably want to pay less for medicines, and they are demanding government action. More than three in four Americans want government to cap what drug companies can charge for certain medicines, according to a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Fully 83 percent want the federal government to negotiate prices for drugs for Medicare patients. But […]

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The Folly of Targeting Big Pharma

An unfortunate refrain among Democratic presidential hopefuls is that rapacious pharmaceutical and biotech companies are driving up the cost of essential medications, bankrupting the health-care system, and depriving sick Americans of treatment. Hillary Clintonhas honed her message to a nice sound bite: Drug companies that charge excessively high prices “are making a fortune off of […]

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