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In A Politically Polarized Year, Poll Finds Wide Agreement Among Voters On A Key Health Care Agenda

A new poll of voters in battleground states finds a rare opportunity for bipartisan agreement on health care, with Americans strongly favoring action on public policies that support medical discovery into new treatments and cures. The poll was jointly commissioned by the Galen Institute and Center Forward, center-right and center-left think tanks. Purple Insights interviewed 800 registered […]

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Walls Closing In On ObamaCare Lawlessness

The Obama Administration is unlawfully diverting billions of dollars from taxpayers to insurance companies that sell ObamaCare policies. That is the conclusion reached in a legal opinion letter released today by former Ambassador and White House Counsel Boyden Gray. Mr. Gray’s letter reinforces the conclusion of legal experts at the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service who […]

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HSAs Under Attack in Obamacare Exchanges

The Obama administration is using its last year to try to kill the option that has the most promise to engage consumers in transforming our health sector around higher value, greater efficiency and lower costs. Liberals have a knee-jerk opposition to Health Savings Accounts, but until now, they have tolerated them and even allowed HSA […]

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