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It’s time to shut down

During the early 1970s, students at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology carried out what is reputed to be the first e-commerce transaction: the sale of an undetermined quantity of marijuana. This year, global online retail sales are projected to exceed $2.4 trillion. By 2020, e-commerce will account for 14.6 percent of all retail purchases, […]

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How To Fix Health Care in a Populist Moment

Official Washington still is struggling to understand and adapt to the populist wave that carried Donald Trump to the White House. Anger and denial linger still, emotions rooted in the social and economic chasm between Trump voters and the political class. What does this mean for health? The first fight is already shaping up, of […]

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Can The IRS Save Obamacare?

Obamacare’s fourth open enrollment period will begin November 1. For the Internal Revenue Service, it will be open season on uninsured taxpayers. In an effort to maximize enrollment, the IRS is mining the personal tax information of people who have chosen not to buy Obamacare policies. An estimated 8 million of them paid a tax for the privilege of remaining […]

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Obamacare’s ‘Crown Jewel’ Loses Its Luster

Former Obama Administration official Donald Berwick once called the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) “the jewel in the crown of health-care reform.” The metaphor is apt: CMMI, more than any other aspect of Obamacare, is an imperial enterprise. Congress established CMMI in the Obamacare statute with the goal of finding ways to reduce federal spending on medical […]

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