The Kudlow Report: Obamacare Buyer’s Remorse?

Grace-Marie Turner talks with Larry Kudlow about labor unions and the health law. Labor union leaders were strong backers of passage of the health overhaul law, both because it fit with their political ideology and also because they believed they would be able to enroll millions of new health care workers in their unions. But the union bosses are now seeing more clearly how sweeping the impact of the law will be on unions as businesses – driving up their health costs and making union workers less competitive, for starters. Unions are facing the same costs and distortions as other businesses, and they are waking up to the law’s destructive forces. Many unions got waivers from some of the early provisions of the law, but there will be no waivers from this government take-over of one-sixth of the economy that hits with full force in 2014.

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