Yuval Levin: Unhappy Birthday

Obamacare was enacted two years ago today. So far, its foremost achievement has been a Republican House of Representatives. But unless its next (and last) achievement is a Republican president and Senate willing to repeal the law, we are in for a world of trouble.

To avoid that trouble and elect that new president and Senate, opponents of Obamacare have to keep the public focused on it, and keep reminding people what is in it and what it holds in store. (Here’s a grim overview I wrote a couple of days after the law was signed two years ago, which, alas, still holds up on the whole; and here’s a far better and more thorough one by some of Obamacare’s most able critics.) What is in it is almost unbelievably misguided and disastrous, but it is precisely for that reason that keeping voters focused on it has been a challenge. It’s hard to sustain the level of indignant shock that the law rightly calls for.