What they aren’t telling you

ObamaCare is a freight train heading straight for our economy when it takes full effect in 2014.

  • Medicare cuts: ObamaCare cuts $575 billion out of Medicare to create a massive new entitlement program that already costs $1 trillion more than estimated just two years ago. And IPAB putting unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of rationing care.
  • Individual mandate: Americans will be required to purchase expensive government-dictated health insurance with their own private funds or pay a fine to the government.
  • Employer mandate: The job-killing employer mandate will add huge cost to the job-creators in the country; many are faced with the prospect of either cutting hours for their workers or closing their doors.
  • Mandates on the states: States are required to expand their Medicaid programs to the point many say will bankrupt them or force them to dramatically cut spending for education, transportation, public safety, and other vital services.
  • Health costs: The president promised the average family would see a reduction in their health insurance premiums of $2,500 by the end of his first term. Instead, the Kaiser Family Foundation says the average cost of family health care plans is up by $2,200.
  • Huge deficit spending: ObamaCare creates a massive new federal entitlement program with huge taxpayer subsidies for health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office last week said that the cost of ObamaCare over ten years is not the $900 billion the president promised but nearly double that at $1.7 trillion.
  • Higher taxes: ObamaCare pretends to pay for itself with $550 billion in new and higher taxes that hit seniors, middle-income workers, job producers, and innovators that are producing the next generation of medical devices and therapies.