Tom Miller: Entitlement reform for the highly educated

Former OMB factotum (let’s make that “health policy adviser without fixed portfolio”)  Zeke Emanuel has returned to academic life, but he opines periodically in a New York Times opinion column. On Sunday, the improbable happened. He proposed an idea for entitlement reform that should not be rejected out of hand—graduated eligibility based on lifetime income for Social Security and Medicare.

Bring out the usual clichés:

•    What was the wind chill factor today in Hell?

•    The lion and the lamb shall lay down together (Nope: it’s a co-tenancy with a wolf).

•    What were the other six warnings signs of the Apocalypse?

•    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day (and check out that blind squirrel’s acorn…)

•    There really is a pony inside that room piled high with manure.

•    C’mon. We kid because we love.

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