The NHS rationed: Cancer patients, OAPs and disabled children the victims as health budget cut by £20bn

Savage Tory cuts to the NHS have led to a surge in the number of lifeline services being rationed by hospitals.

The Sunday Mirror can reveal that life-saving drugs and operations along with specialist nursing care – all freely available two years ago – are being cut back or scrapped altogether.

Cancer patients, disabled children and elderly people are among the victims of the scandalous cut-backs, which are due to PM David Cameron’s drive to slash £20billion from the NHS budget.

Our probe has uncovered a catalogue of cases where people have cruelly become victims of a service which many doctors are privately calling the ­National Health Shortage.

This week a report from the Royal College of Physicians warned that care in hospitals is “on the brink of collapse”.

Routine operations such as the removal of tonsils, knee replacements, cataract treatments and nursing care for people with diabetes are also being scaled back.

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