So what is a better plan if ObamaCare is declared unconstitutional or repealed?

  1. Help states set up functional pools so people with pre-existing conditions are protected
  2. Provide new subsidies for the uninsured to purchase the coverage of their choice
  3. Encourage the states to set up marketplaces for people to buy insurance and allow policies to be purchased across state lines
  4. Boost insurance rules to guarantee that if people have coverage, they can keep it and their premiums won’t skyrocket if they get sick, etc.
  5. Move toward a system of tax credits and deductions to allow individuals to buy and own portable health insurance.

We don’t need 2,800 pages of legislation and 11,000 pages of regulation to fix our health care system. Instead, we need to set up the right rules and incentives so that doctors and patients are in charge of medical decisions and companies are competing to offer them the best care and the best services at the best price.