Scott Gottlieb: IPAB: its impacts on Medicare, its beneficiaries, and healthcare providers

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is premised on a belief that decisions about how we price the services offered by Medicare are simply too contentious to be adequately addressed by our political system. Politics, it’s argued, inevitably stymie our ability to make hard decisions to cut prices and reduce coverage of services. As a result, it becomes impossible to shrink the growth in spending. So IPAB was designed to remove the supervision of the Medicare program, and Congress, from these choices.

But judgments about how we price medical services, and how those prices affect access to care, are precisely the kinds of consequential choices that should be subject to close public scrutiny. We need to have an open, rigorous, and transparent process for making these decisions. We need to actively engage Medicare’s stakeholders in these deliberations, to make sure that these policies don’t create unintended consequences for beneficiaries. IPAB, instead, aims to freeze stakeholders out of this process.

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