Merrill Matthews: Some Republicans Embrace ObamaCare Mandates

Several Republicansreportedly want to retain certain provisions in ObamaCare, not because those provisions are good policy, but because they’re popular.  But if Republicans adopt the popularity standard, they will have to impose coercive government mandates that will drive up the cost of health insurance — just as they accuse President Obama and the Democrats of doing.

One of the ObamaCare provisions seen as worthy of retention is the requirement that health insurers accept any applicant regardless of health status, known as “guaranteed issue.”

Yes, most people think that if they’re uninsured and have a medical condition they should be able to get health insurance.  But requiring private sector health insurers to accept anyone encourages people to game the system by waiting until they need coverage to get it.  That’s one reason why Democrats included the individual mandate, as well as a penalty for not having coverage.

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