How ObamaCare Harms Young Adults and Children

  • Young people will be hit the hardest by ObamaCare:
    • Costs: They will be forced to pay health insurance premiums much higher than they would in a fair and open marketplace so older people can pay less.
    • Jobs: The ObamaCare mandate that most employers must provide health insurance is causing many employers to eliminate the entry-level jobs that young people need to get started in their careers. And many workers with full-time jobs will lose them as many employers will find they have no choice but to restructure their workforce to avoid fines that could put them out of business.
    • Prosperity: ObamaCare will add trillions of dollars in new spending to the tens of trillions we already face in entitlement deficits. Young people will be saddled with oppressive taxes that threaten their future prosperity.
    • Child-only policies: ObamaCare’s rules have caused health insurance companies to exit the market for child-only health insurance in 17 states.

✔A BETTER IDEA: Young people should be able to pay the premiums that fit with their actual risk, reducing premiums. They all should have the option of a high-deductible plan with a Health Savings Account. They can save for future costs and be sure they have protection today against large, unexpected medical bills.