Bipartisan Health Reform

The Galen Institute will host a briefing on Tuesday, August 28 at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. We have a terrific lineup of speakers to explore the question “Can we have a bipartisan conversation on health reform?

The Galen Institute believes it is important to demonstrate to political leaders there is bipartisan agreement on key policies. Both sides agree there are problems in our health sector that must be fixed so health care and coverage can be more affordable and accessible. Whatever happens with the November elections, it will be beneficial for federal and state legislators to see that policy experts from both the center-left and center-right agree on fundamental principles.

Grace-Marie Turner will moderate a distinguished panel including:

Congressman Phil Gingrey, MD, Co-Chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus
Congressman Tom Price, MD, Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee
Congressman Michael Burgess, MD, Chairman of the Congressional Health Care Caucus
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference *invited
Len Nichols, PhD, Professor of Health Policy and Director of the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics, George Mason University

Members of Congress look to these physician legislators for leadership on health reform issues so this briefing will be particularly important in charting the next chapter in the health reform debate. Len Nichols and Grace-Marie will describe their history of finding bipartisan agreement in the policy community on key health issues and discuss areas for future reform. We will highlight areas of agreement on policy to give elected officials, candidates, and voters a base of information to engage in a positive conversation over health reform going forward.