Ben Domenech: Ten Things Everyone Should Read About Obamacare

Last week I shared Ten Things Everyone Should Read About Health Care, which focused on big-picture debates on health care, entitlements, and broad reform of the American system. Today, I’d like to share ten things everyone should read about President Barack Obama’s health care law, which is such a divisive and significant change from prior policies that it deserves its own consideration.

1. Grace-Marie Turner, et al.: Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America – An excellent compilation of multiple opinions on why Obamacare fails as policy and is wrong for the country.

2. James Capretta and Robert Moffitt: How to Replace Obamacare – This National Affairs article is about as good of a case as there is for what ought to replace Obamacare. If anyone tells you the right has no ideas on how to do this, it’s a lie.

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